How To Check The Quality Of Fish : Easy Tricks!!

How to check the quality of your fish

The ultimate useful and concise guide to buying the fresh and best quality fish.

Our team at strictly believes that if you don’t have a taste of great fish and seafood meals before you die, you are missing out on something delicious and savory in life. Well that statement can be said again and again in all honesty only if the healthy seafood produce you buy is just as fresh and good as it is going to taste.

Fish is one of those very few dishes that can be easily made into anything lovely and worth eating. From curries to fried fish, it boasts off several options all equally delicious and tasty.As much as all of this is true, cooking fish does require quite a bit of skill and delicacy. Well, the same skill goes for purchasing the best quality fish or seafood. Keep reading to find out the golden do’s !!!!

Firstly, for the fish to be of fresh nature, it should look like it certainly!! That is…

  • They should look firm, shiny and have a natural metallic glow about it.
  • One of the best ways to check their freshness is to notice the eyes, which, if not bulging, shiny or clear means it’s starting to get rotten. -Eyes that show no cloudiness also means it's fresh.
  • The gills must be bright pink or reddish in colour, and also be wet and not slimy or dry.
  • No yellow discolouration of skin of any sort as well
  • Zero slime around the edges and sponginess texture-wise.
  • Obviously smell is a deciding factor as well, -Avoid fish that have a strong fishy odor.
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Trimethylamine, an organic chemical generated by decomposing fish, produces a distinctive and strong odor in old or ruined seafood.

Wants to know some pro tips to check the quality of meat too? Check here


  • It is a known and an undisputed fact that fish must be stored in freezers or refrigerators at all times.
  • Check the dates on their labels to make sure they haven’t gone bad or out of date
  • Cooked fish can be stored for longer periods of time than raw fish, up to 5-6 days after which it should be thrown away.
  • Fish frozen is good for storage for upto 6-9 months.
  • Some fish may start to develop white lines on them such as salmon, which is a sign of it starting to get spoilt.

Since fish is a haven of proteins, it only results in the festering of microbes and subsequent spoilage, making it very prone and immune to getting rotten quite easily. As a result, it's best to eat the fish you buy right away rather than storing it for extended periods of time.

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Since, the current pandemic situation doesn’t really offer us any opportunity to purchase our favorite seafood by inspecting it closely as long as we are satisfied with it, you don’t really have to cut back on your delicious favorite fish delicacies. We are always here to help you buy better, safe, healthy and fresh seafood at all times.

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