The Ultimate Goat Cuts Guide: How To Choose And Cook Your Cuts

The ultimate goat guide

Be it an outdoor barbeque party, Easter, Ramadan, Iftar, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, or any other special occasion, nothing beats the delicate goat meat that melts in your mouth, slowly cooked to its perfection. Put on your toque blanches, take out your cooking pad and let’s find out how to choose and cook your cuts flawlessly.

Good Choices and Better Meats

The main ingredient to a scrumptious and luscious meat lies in how you choose your meat. The younger the goat, the tender and lean will be your meat. It would also add to your balanced and healthy diet. A kid goat is a source of good protein and red meat, and is nutritionally rich with low calorie, fat and cholesterol.

When choosing goat meat, fresh meat should be your first and foremost priority. Good meat is always signified by its freshness. Get an incredibly fresh and Premium Halal certified goat at your front door by just one click from ndfresh. Do not forget to keep your fresh meat frozen if it is to be kept for three days or more.

Know Your Cuts

The most important factor which will elevate the richness of your meal is to choose the correct kind of cuts according to the recipe. The broad classification of goat cuts involve fatty cuts and lean cuts.

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Fatty Cuts

Fatty cuts contain more unhealthy saturated fat. But they also help in absorbing the spices, herbs, and other ingredients to create an aromatic, flavorful, and textured base for your meal.

Lean Cuts

The lean cuts are rich sources of protein with relatively lower fat content and therefore a lower calorie content. Goat meat with the fat trimmed off is a good example of lean meat. Lean meats are popular among people who follow low calorie and low fat diets.

Right now, you would be stuck in the dilemma of choosing between fatty and lean cuts. Worry no more. The choice is absolutely yours. You can choose your favorite cut according to the recipe at hand.

It is of absolute necessity to know the different kinds of cuts needed for cooking to achieve a rich result.

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Tender cuts

Tender cuts of goat meat are the legs, ribs, portions of the shoulder cut, the loin roast and the breast.


The goat leg is a thick but tender meat cut with low fat which is ideal for braising or stewing.

Loin chops

Loin chop is the part between the lower ribs and low part of the back. They are some of the most tender parts of the goat.


The neck cut is a soft part with high fat.


Tender meat which is ideal for roasting in one piece, stews and is a fatty meat.


The most tender cut, is moist and flavourful.


The rack is the most well-known tender meat that continues on from the shoulder. It is ideal for roasting.

    The Cooking Strategy

    Now that we have successfully completed the rigorous tasks, let’s get into action.

    Slow Cooking

    Patience is the key to good cooking.

    The secret of a perfectly cooked meat lies in the manner it is cooked. In case of goat meat the secret is slow cooking. Slow cooking is an excellent method to cook goat cuts. It helps to retain the moisture and also ensures that the meat is cooked evenly without over-cooking the outer layers. The highest benefit of slow cooking lies in the fact that you will get to wholesomely treat your taste buds with the more tender and flavourful juicy parts with ease.

    There are a variety of cuts of goat meat to choose from. Each one has a different texture and flavor, and each requires a different cooking method.

    The best way to cook different cuts are,

    • Marinate and Roast : Loin Chops, Goat leg, Shoulder.
    • Grilling, frying or on the barbecue : Loin Chops.
    • Quick roasting or grilling : Rack
    • Braising : Neck
    • Slow Cooking : Breast

    On an important note,

    • Make sure to completely dry your meat before adding it to the pan.
    • It is the best practice to cook your cuts thoroughly and ensure that they are evenly cooked on all sides.
    • After the work is over, rest your meat for a while so that the juices and the scrumptious flavors are spread to the entire meat.

    Finally, your cuts are ready and now it's time for you to experience the best meat you’ve ever tasted, cooked to its perfection. Bon Appetit!

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