Buying The Right Kind Of Meat: Easy But Effective Tips and Tricks!!!

Simple Tricks To Identify Fresh And Quality Meat

Some very useful tips to guide you through to buying the best, fresh and healthy meat available!!!


Here’s a few interesting and more importantly extremely handy tips and tricks to make your day shopping a breeze! How many of us have completely changed our views on our food habits so as to achieve a much more rewarding and healthy lifestyle? And for most of us,that perfect goal comes with healthy  eating.


There is no proper diet ever imaginable without the hero element of Protein in it. With the body builder protein, comes the goodness of 'Red meat' and not just any red meat, the ones that are absolutely worth drooling over for its freshness, flavour and health benefits. While chicken is usually considered the healthiest, other meat sources  such as beef meat, lamb meat and goat meat play an almost equal role as well. The taboo revolving around red meat being an unhealthy part of our eating habits is not something to live by also.


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What exactly is it that we call a ‘CUT’ in meat terms?

Different Kinds Of Meat Cut 

It’s nothing but the area of the animal where the meat’s taken from. 


Which are usually referred to as the best and which are the expensive cuts?

This is usually from the loin, rib and rump, where you get the prime cuts from, which are more on the tender side. Meat portions from the back are more expensive and in higher demand like the short loin and strip loin in beef. Also,what’s to note is that these cuts are considered to cook a lot faster compared to the ones in front, which becomes more chewier and unpleasant as it cooks for longer periods of time. The main thing to be aware of here is that as the cut goes towards the back, the tastier and of better quality the meat will be. 


Now, having bone on the meat or not is more of a personal choice, with chefs worldwide of the view that bone-in meat tastes much better and are much more flavoursome than those without bones. Also, bone-in meat tends to be more time efficient to cook generally and subsequently costs less.

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Steps To Identify Quality and Freshness Of Meat 

  • Look for meat with zero discolorations, bruises, feathers and no broken bones.
  • Tears in the skin and flesh that remain exposed are all factors to look after. 
  • Keep an eye out for a more juicier, tender looking, meaty and fully fleshed kind of meat texture.
  • The meat surfaces should be neither too dry nor too wet. 
  • The meat colour should be of a bright red tone.
  • Meat that’s starting to lose its freshness will lack this colour due to its red pigment getting destroyed, replacing the colour with a brown, grey or greenish shade and we definitely don't want that.

 Buying Meat Based On Its Scent

How To Identify Quality And Freshness Of Meat Based On Scent? 

Fresh meat usually smells acidic but a rancid smell indicates that the meat is turning bad.

Buying Meat Based On Its Feel

How To Identify Quality and Freshness Of Meat Based On Feel
  • The meat should feel neutral  and firm to the touch, which means it would not be neither too soft nor too tough. 
  • Try to poke or press the meat surface and if it retreats back to its original state then it can be considered fresh. 
  • Finally, the right cut with the right thickness and size should also be taken into account when finalising your kind of meat.

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Meat wrapped in paper should be completely avoided and only consider buying those that are stored in refrigerators in shops so as to ensure only fresh and healthy meat purchase. Such an offline store experience is a luxury, when considering the current pandemic situation. At NDfresh we guarantee halal certified delicious meat product home deliveries in Ontario. So hurry and purchase now from .Happy and healthy eating folks!! 


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