How To Differentiate Between Halal and Kosher Meat ?

hala meat vs kosher meat.

Are you unsure of eating kosher or halal-certified meats? Don’t know which is permissible or non-permissible to eat? Then find out now what those certifications actually mean to your diets!!

Yesterday my non-muslim friend call and ask me whether she can have halal-certified meat or not and then again my another Muslim friend call and ask whether she can have kosher certified meat or not? Why this question arises is because we don’t know what exactly those certifications mean, this article is a clear guideline for that.

Halal vs Kosher

‘Halal’ or ‘kosher’ is a familiar term we have mostly seen in the context of many food packets. Few of us know it’s a dietary restriction on whether what or what not to eat for Islamic and Jewish people, but most of us don’t know the differences between the two.


Halal is an Arabic word that means ‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’. According to Islamic dietary law which food is permissible is called halal and the food not permissible is called ‘haram’.

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halal meat vs kosher meat.

  • Sheep, goats, camels, rabbits, fish, all types of cattle, all types of bucks are considered halal
  • Animals whose blood not drained out fully considered as haram or not permissible
  • Donkey, pig, insects, dead animals also called haram
  • The animal should be prayed before slaughter and the knife should be sharp
  • The animal is slaughtered by cutting the animal's throat and the knife will not be lifted till the cut is not completed.


Kosher is a word that means ‘fit’ or ‘proper’, originates from the word ‘kashrut’.

According to Jewish dietary law which food is fit for consumption is called kosher certified.

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  • Those animals that have hooves split two and eats cud like sheep, goats, cows
  • Chicken, duck, turkey, pigeons belong to kosher meat
  • Fishes that have fins and scales are also kosher
  • Camel, pig, rabbits, crabs, selfish are not permissible to eat according to kosher guidelines
  • Slaughter should be a quick and deep cut
  • Meat and dairy should not be served together
  • The utensil used to prepare kosher should be pure means no other things can be prepared in that

Comparison chart



According to Islamic dietary law

According to Jewish dietary law

Alcohol consumption is prohibited

Alcohol prepared according to Jewish law is permissible

Allow any body part to consumed other than blood

Blood and some types of fats it’s not allowed

Dairy products can be combined

Dairy products can’t be combined

Prayer should be done before slaughter

Blessing is said before slaughter

Animals must be slaughtered by Muslim

Animals must be slaughtered by jew

The guidelines come from Quran

The guidelines come from Torah

Now you can see that Halal or Kosher certification is a guideline given to Muslims and Jewish by their respective religions. Both religions have their own beliefs on whether what or what not to eat. Compared to Kosher meat , it is hard to find top quality halal-certified products in the Canada market. That’s why at NDFresh we bring you totally fresh and halal certified premium meat products to your doorstep anywhere in Toronto GTA

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