Know these 10 Grilling Mistakes and Fix Them Easily

know these 10 grilling mistakes and fix them easily.

Grilling is a cooking method which can be an entertainment in summer days. Getting together with family outdoors and making some barbecues is fun and strengthens the bond among your family members. Most of the people are in love with various sorts of grilled stuff. Sometimes, it may not taste as good as you wanted. Because,There are some usual errors happening while grilling. So, know these 10 Grilling mistakes and fix them easily, and be a better grill chef.Let's discuss one by one

1.Not Preheating Grates Properly

Do you have an experience of the meat stuck and clumsy on the grates and not having tender meat when you grill?. It is mainly happening by your mistake that you might haven't preheated your grates before you put the meat on it.

Fix it: Preheat the grates for at least 10-15 minutes. Do consider the climate also,the cold and hot climate may differ in heating time. Preheating is necessary. Otherwise you won't get the outer crispy layer of your barbeques and your meat won't cook well.

2.Cooking on Unclean Grates

Do your grilled barbeques taste like last week's? Or does it not smell fresh?.. Then go and check your grates. That shouldn't have been cleaned after last week's party. You may have misinterpreted that the greasy grates of long days will do well with your Burger.But it is definitely not good for your health and fresh grilled foods.

Fix it: It is all only about cleaning, clean the grates after cooking without any laziness. Scrub the marinades that stick on it with a pumice if it is really hard to clean.

3.Not Soaking Skewers

As the skewers are made of wood, there is a high chance of burning it if it is not soaked well in water. Hence, your kebabs won't be able to grill well without the strong skewers.

Fix it: Soak the skewers in water overnight. Even Though the marinated stuff is well prepared you also have to concentrate on the skewers, whether it soaked well or not.

4.Using the Wrong Tools

Using inappropriate tools will harm your body and your food. Small spatula for flipping the meat is not a good idea as it may cause burning.

Fix it: All jobs can't be done with the same equipment. You need specific tools. While tongs work great for chicken, pork chops, hot dogs, steak, skewers, and ribs, but they’ll mutilate your fish, pizza, brisket, and burgers.

Always use a long spatula for this fire play.!

5.Using Cold Meat for Grilling

When craving a chicken barbeque and feeling extreme hunger, run to the fridge and grab the freezed meat and grill it as it is. Does this usually happen..?and when chicken is ready to eat, that may not be near as good as you craved for.

Fix it: Meat needs to be at room temperature when you cook it. So you should take the meat from the fridge at least before half an hour. Let it free from frost first.. Ok.? Another thing to keep in mind is that fresh meat is always preferred to long frozen one.

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6.Flipping Meat Too Early

flipping meat early

When you are super excited about your dish, you will have the tendency to flip the meat as soon as it is put on the grill and want to eat the very next. But, the quicker flip ruins your barbeques. Chicken, Mutton, Fish, burgers all need more time to create the caramelised or crispy texture on its outer layer. Flipping too early also causes meat to stick on the grill.

Fix it: The way to fix this problem is easier, don't flip until the meat is unstick from the grate.

7.Adding barbeque sauce Early

Most of the barbeque sauces contain sugar. So, spreading the sauce on meat early in the cooking process, makes it burnt and bitter outside and raw inside.

Fix it: Do not marinade with the sauce, use it only as condiment. Spread the sauce, when the cooking process is at its last stage. It helps you from the fast burning of the outermost layer of the meat.

8.Opening the Lid Often

With your eagerness to know what might have happened to your ongoing grilling stuff, you guys may often open the lid. Don't make this mistake anymore. Opening the lid too often makes the heat escape and the temperature will drop. Hence, your cooking time increases.

Fix it: the solution that has already come to your mind now, don't open it too often.

9.Grilling All Together

You can save your time by grilling all things together, I mean the veggies, meats whatever you want to grill. But, that is the worst decision.There is a chance of mixing up the different flavours and the bacterias from meat will spread to the vegetables.

Fix it: Take time and cook separately. It's not only about taste but also about your health. Concentrating on every part of the meat and veggies one by one will give better results than overcrowding things and messi with it.

10.Not Letting the Meat Rest.

When you are hungry and not ready to wait one more minute, cut the grilled meat into pieces as early as you take it out from the grates. This is a commonly happening one. By doing so, you lose the juicy and flavourful meat.

Fix it: 10 more minutes are needed for letting the meat take a rest. When you cut the meat all those flavourful juices of it may squeeze out and a loss of juiciness, moist, tenderness happens.

By keeping these tips in your mind, grill your favourite barbeques or burgers or Kebabs.. etc. Never compromise on your health when it's come to the meat you use. Grilled foods are not only about the best marinades, is it? Then what? The fresh meat.! And not stick on the same meat always, tryout all meats, chicken, goat, lamb, beef, fish etc.

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