What Is Halal Meat and why is it healthier?

what is halal meat and why it's healthier.


Let’s talk about ‘halal meat’ !! Shall we? To be more clear this blog takes you on an interesting trip on busting myths surrounding Halal meat.So, what do you mean by the term ‘Halal’?! The word simply means ‘permissible’ in the arabic language. And why is it so important to Muslims all around the world?! Well, to have all your queries answered...Read on!!!

A BRIEF INSIGHT IN TO THE SPECIFICATIONS                                   

To begin with, Muslims follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in Islam, as mentioned in their holy book of Quran. And any deviation from the laws prescribed by the messenger means disobeying the Almighty, Allah (swt). One such rule involves every muslim to restrain from eating non-halal food /meat. So, what exactly is Halal meat? Halal meat is the meat derived from the animals of birds, cattle or sheep strictly minus pork (which is a big no-no)  slaughtered in  a specific way. But what makes it different from the conventional meat which is readily available? 


In arabic,  slaughtered animals are referred to as ‘Dhabihah’.For any  kind of meat  excluding  pork to be halal, the slaughtering of it  should be  done by a sane muslim  using  a sharp tool  (so as to accelerate the process) preferably made of iron, which essentially drains the blood of the animal. Also,  whilst  doing so, the person should recite the name of Allah. The act is done through a clean cut to the animal’s carotid artery, jugular vein and windpipe.                                                       

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 Another important thing to be noted is that the animal must be conscious and not stunned when being slaughtered. This factor often stands as an obstacle in obtaining quality halal meat from suppliers; as most of the animals brought in for mass slaughtering are essentially stunned before butchering. At NDfresh, we only serve premium quality fresh halal meat from trusted halal certified suppliers and farms.

 Also, some scholars of the book are of the opinion that it is permissible to consume meat which underwent partial stunning or temporary loss of consciousness in a non-lethal way.Moreover, it is made extremely clear that the animal must be alive prior to butchering, otherwise the meat is not considered halal. 


  • The concept of halal also applies to various other aspects of muslim life like clothing, social behaviour, personal hygiene and other etiquettes.
  • It is also interesting to note that the opposite of the term Halal is haram, which automatically stands for ‘non-permissible’. 
  • There exists several organizations of islamic societies specific to many countries which give authentic halal certifications to meat complying to International  standards and their rules may also vary. For Canada, its the Halal Monitoring Authority Canada
  • Most of these organizations do not grant halal certifications to restaurants and food chains that serve non-halal meat like pork along with halal meat. 


As opposed to the uncertainty around Halal meat, it is important to know that there are certain benefits of eating halal meat, evidence gathered scientifically and from people who consume the same suggests so.                                                              

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  • As the slaughtered animal is drained of blood, which is a potential storehouse of bacteria, germs and other residues present in the animal blood can possibly make people sick. 
  • As mentioned above, the complete absence of blood in the meat makes it devoid of Uric acid as well, which when present causes harm to kidneys, skin and blood. (Non-halal meat of Chicken has Uric acid in plenty and we certainly don't want any bodily dysfunctions from consuming unhealthy meat, do we?. )
  • Moreover, halal meat products stand equivalent to clean, safe and pure produce as the islamic law governing the same implies that the raw materials, products, processes, premises and workers involved are clean and ethical as well. 
  • When consuming halal meat, from this perspective in particular the difference really shows in the form of tender meat texture and added deliciousness. 
  • The religion also emphasizes the relevance of performing slaughter with respect and compassion. According to islamic standards, the welfare of the animal being slaughtered from the beginning till its consumption is to be handled well, which includes it being fed and sheltered properly.In short, the brief journey of the animal from farm to fork is just as important as the process of halal butchering itself. 

To sum up, it’s all part of a quality lifestyle which assures the best outcome not only for the body but for the mind and soul also.Taking care of our bodies with less harmful  and toxic ingredients, through consumption of wholesome, delicious, fresh and healthy food options is desired not only by muslims but by the whole of humanity as well. And apparently for muslims around the globe; Halal meat is the way to go! Infact, anyone can choose the Halal culture if they feel it makes a healthy difference in their daily lives. 

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Happy and healthy eating folks!! 


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