The Story Of The World's Best Tea Powder!!

The story of the world's best tea powder !!
There is a mystery to an excellent cup of tea.When prepared with perfection and quality tea powder,every single sip has an astounding ability to drift you away from the monotonous necessities of life to a far away zone of serenity and sedateness. According to tea experts, tea powder from Kannan Devan hills is one of the best in the world. Do you want to know why?

Why is Munnar Kannan Devan Ripple Tea So Special?

If you have ever thought where tea gets this enchanting attributes from, a slow galavanting saunter through the tea estates of Kanan Devan hills gives you the explanation.Nuzzled in the intimate cuddle of nature the Kanan Devan hills in panoramic Munnar blends the four foundational elements of nature in each sprout and leaf of tea-earth, fire, wind and water.

Located on top of the Western ghats in one of South India's most ecologically multifarious regions in Kerala,Munnar is the place where some of the highest tea gardens in the country are located. At an altitude of between 3000 and 7200 feet, the Kanan Devan Hills provides the perfect amalgamation of pliable soil, sufficient water and felicitously toasty sunlight that grow the perfect tea.


Let's talk about the first factor, the soil in the higher altitudes of Munnar is similar to most of the tea soils in South India ,and has a light texture consisting of coarse and fine sand fractions. The soil is also torrid, which is again optimal for tea,as tea requires abundant water but does not grow well in soggy soil.The many crests and troughs of this eclectic landscape also provides the most apt conditions for growing a range of teas.

Climatic Conditions

Not only soil, the climatic conditions in Munnar are also perfect for the growth of tea. The region has a humid and comfortable climate, the temperature rarely crosses 25°C but the days are longer with optimum sunlight. So we can understand that tea crops receive sufficient sunlight in a cool and pleasant temperature.


The third element or third factor is water. This does not need further explanation other than the meaning of the name of the place"Munnar ''. The word Munnar itself means three rivers and the region is located at the convergence of those three rivers Nallathanni,Kundaly and Muthirapuzha.Munnar is one of the wettest regions in the whole country and receives bountiful rains from the southwest and northeast monsoons. This is suitable for tea as it requires perpetual supply of water throughout the year.

munnar ripple tea


Last but not the least, the fourth element available in the Kanan Devan Hills is the lush,salubrious and immaculate air strewed by strong winds that flow through the region. Tea grows to its full potential in these green highlands with this uncontaminated and fresh air around.Alongwith the cropped and contoured hills, Munnar also has high grasslands,shrublands and shola forests,which is home to a flabbergasting variety of plant and animal life. One of the key specialities about the Eravikulam National park is that it is home to the largest viable population of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr.

If the tea gardens of Munnar’s High Ranges portray the consummate blend of human and natural energies, the shola forests of these high altitude regions see unblemished nature burst forth in full blossom.The cardinal urge to foster this magnificent and elegant bionetwork has been extolled from the early days of the British planters itself.Also with the High Range Game Association, which later became the High Range Wildlife & Environment Preservation Association (HRW&EPA), the tea planters of the Kanan Devan Hills have also taken immense effort to conserve the environment of the region.

It is this enigmatic balance between the human and the natural world, which is garnered in every cup of tea from Kannan devan hills. As the rich ambrosial leaves brew in hot water, every breath and every sip stimulates a sense of pristine and unblemished charm.And that is the charm that we are bringing to your homes through our latest product at Nd fresh, the Munnar ripple tea.Now your everyday mornings are not usual like before ,you start your day connecting with the rain-kissed green leaves that levitate wholesomeness, the evanescent blanket of murky white clouds and the anfractuous countryside of calmness,all with that first sip from our refreshing Munnar ripple tea.

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