Is Liver Meat Good For You - Myth Buster and Recipe Ideas!


Clear misconceptions surrounding the nutrient dense liver and get inspired with some delicious recipes!

The liver has many health benefits, but we tend to have a love-hate relation with it due to the myths surrounding it. We are sure you have heard some (if not all) of these statements about consuming liver-

  1. Liver stores toxins, so if you eat liver, you are eating toxins
  2. Do not eat liver if you are pregnant or are facing any health issues
  3. Liver is not as tasty as other meats

Well, none of this is true, so read on to bust these myths and get straight to cooking some delicious dishes with liver. If you want to order online and get 100% fresh halal chicken and beef liver delivered right to your front door, click here!

Myth buster

Liver is a true underdog of super foods. Did you know the liver is the most nutrient dense food in the world? Click here to read more about its nutritional benefits.

Toxin Store or Toxin Filter?

Many people think that the liver cleanses and stores the toxins from the body and therefore, when you consume liver, you ingest these toxins. It is true that the liver filters the body of its toxins, but it does not store them. Think of the liver as a washing machine- the dirty clothes get dumped in, out comes the clean ones and the dirty water gets thrown out of the machine as well. Only some important micronutrients like vitamins, iron, copper, and folate which are vital in cleansing toxins (think of it as the laundry detergent!) are stored in the liver.

Eating Liver During Pregnancy?

It is untrue that pregnant women should not eat liver. The amount of Vitamin A in the liver is proven to be highly beneficial for fetal growth and health of pregnant women. In many traditional cultures, liver was reserved for expectant mothers, in hopes of nurturing and developing future warriors. However, like all other dietary requirements, it is advisable to stick to the recommended quantity and quality of liver intake.

How to cook

But how do you devour this magic food? Traditional or modern, there are many ways to serve the liver. Popular dishes from around the world using liver in the recipe include the liver pate from Central Europe, foie de veau from France and Kata-kat from Pakistan.

Traditional dishes

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Caramelized onions and liver sauteed in butter topped with fresh parsley and served with a side of mashed potatoes is one of the best traditional preparations in the world of offals.

If you prefer a spicier palette, then the spicy stew made with liver and goat called Chakna is a famous dish from India loaded with a ton of chili and spices for extra flavours.

The famous Foie gras from France is a delicacy made from duck or goose liver with a rich, buttery, and delicate flavour.

Modern recipes

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If you feel the liver has an acquired taste and are still trying to get used to it, you can try masking its original flavour by soaking it in full fat milk or lime juice, prior to cooking to get a milder flavour.

Mix liver in smaller quantities with other meats for your keema and burger patties to enjoy the same taste with additional nutritional benefits.

Some recipes like this smoothie (Yes, it’s a smoothie and not a typo) even calls for raw liver!

Pan fried, sauteed, grilled, chopped or minced; by itself or mixed with other meats or vegetables; soaked in full fat milk or lemon juice, marinated in flavourful spices or just sauteed with plain butter and garlic - whatever the method of preparation, with right ingredients, the liver can definitely taste better than a rib steak!

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