Revive Your Overcooked Meat In 8 Simple Ways! 

revive your overcooked meat in 8 simple ways

Is your chicken one step away from being burnt? Did you forget your BBQ on the grill again? Worry not! Salvage your meat with these 8 tips!

Sometimes we wish our meats could talk- just so that they can scream for help before getting overcooked! Since that is not happening, we’ve curated a list of 8 tips and tricks to save your overcooked meat from ending in the dustbin.

But before we get to that, here’s how you can avoid overcooking altogether!

  • Clean your grill before use- It is essential to have clean heat and no residual smoke, grime or grease from previous cooking sessions.
  • Cook meats (except steaks) slowly and for a longer duration over low heat to make it juicier.
  • Remember seafood usually comes from a salty environment, so go easy on the salt- use lime/lemon to bring out the acidic taste which compliments sea food better.
  • Don’t remove all the fat before cooking as the fat traps moisture and adds flavor to the meat- remove them after cooking.
  • Buy thicker cuts if you tend to overcook meat often.
  • Do yourself a favor and buy a timer and don’t multitask while cooking.

If it's too late to do any of these and you have the overcooked meat sitting right in front of you, worry not! Read on for some great revival tips!

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Overcooked meat

Raw meat essentially contains protein, fat and liquid. Meat is overcooked when the fat and liquid have completely left the meat, leaving behind the hardened muscle fibers. There is no magic trick to put the liquids and fat back into the meat to make it more edible. Therefore, the fix for any overcooked meat is to mask the overcooked flavors with other ingredients.

What can you do with overcooked meat?

1. Puree

Add some olive oil and puree it in a food processor. This can then be used as a filling for samosas, dumplings, even parathas and pies! You can also add in some Sherry wine and make it a perfect pair with your tortellini pasta! (mamma mia!)

2. Paste

Just substituting for the lost fat and liquid by adding some meat stock and lard, then make a paste of the overcooked chicken in a food processor. Throw in some shredded chicken liver or offals to boost the health factor!

3. Fry

With red meats like beef, you can deep fry the overcooked meat. It becomes a deep brown colour when fried and you’ll get a beef-jerky like effect.

4. Shred it

Strip it into very fine bits and add it to a mayo and egg-based base for a twist on your regular chicken salad.

5. Soak

Beef is a tough meat which usually retains some amount of moisture no matter how much you tend to overcook it. So, all you have to do is tenderize the meat by soaking it in a sauce/marinade overnight (try using something with vinegar or lime juice), shred it and use it to make a great sandwich.

filling of vegetables in samosa

6. Mask

if your burgers are overcooked, mask the meat’s flavor by using fresh vegetables. Also make sure to use butter and mayo on your bun and some zesty condiments.

7. Sear

If you’ve overcooked your seafood, transfer it to a pan and sear it with some butter and lime juice to revive the flavors.

8. Simmer

Let the overcooked meat simmer in a sauce of your choice or broth for a few minutes. Be careful not to burn the meat again- just keep it long enough for the liquid to penetrate the meat and restore the flavors.

The only meat which is forgiving even when overcooked is ground meat. For this one, the charred, brown, stuck- to- the- bottom- of- pan texture will give it the most delicious flavors. For all else, rely on the revival tips!

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