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AAA Beef Ribeye Steak

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AAA Halal Beef Ribeye Steak. Individually single vacuum-packed Fresh Ribeye Steaks.

This steak is cut from the loin section of the cow and it is known for its rich, juicy flavour. The Rib Eye steak has distinctive marbling running through the centre which provides lovely flavour, juiciness as well as making the meat very tender.

It is perfect for cooking in a very hot pan/griddle or on a BBQ so the marbling renders to produce the famous flavour.

Shelf Life: 10 days Fresh in the refrigerator, if you freeze up to 1 year from Despatch Date.

We send the fresh product so time is of the essence.  When you receive your order, refrigerate or freeze immediately. 

 *Suitable for home freezing.

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Note: All Weights in gross weight.

The weight of the items delivered may vary from the actual weight due to trimming, cleaning of fats & muscles and other waste.

Customer Reviews

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Osama Gharsaa
Steak great / fish very very bad

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday and I would like to say that the steak was excellent and tasted delicious but unfortunately the fish was very very bad ,In fact after we cooked it the taste and the smell was terrible to the point it felt like it was rotten so we had to throw it away I do not believe that this is a fresh fish or anything close but again the steak was excellent and delicious. Thanks again for everything.

Quality and price

Very good quality with reasonable prices. Thank you team ND FRESH.

Ali Akbar
Fast delivery

Very good product and very fast delivery. Simply I love them.

Super service

Service is brilliant. Always met the timeline promised. Meat quality is good too.

Delicious meat

Easy and quick service. Delicious meat

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