NDfresh Introduced No-Contact Delivery.

The "no-contact delivery" is a completed delivery, where the driver delivers your order to the safe, agreed upon location and you do not have a direct contact with the driver.Just Choose No-Contact Delivery at checkout and mention instructions at checkout.

Will COVID-19 impact your food supply?

At NDfresh our teams have prepared for a variety of scenarios and are working closely with our vast network of suppliers to minimize any disruptions to your service. Our food supply has not been impacted and we’re working hard to maintain safe and dependable service. If we anticipate any delays or changes to your upcoming order, we will notify you immediately through email.

Will my NDfresh service be disrupted?

NDfresh is fully committed to serving our customers through these challenging times. We have a responsibility to provide fresh, healthy products through no-contact deliveries, and we take that very seriously. Rest assured, we are working closely with our network of suppliers and partners to minimize any disruptions to your service.At this time, there are no major interruptions to our service and our teams are taking the necessary precautions to maintain the safety and well being of our employees and customers, which remains our highest priority. If there are any unscheduled changes to your delivery, we’ll always contact you first to let you know. If we’re unable to deliver your order for any reason, you’ll receive a full refund promptly.

What precautions are our delivery partners taking?

We are working very closely with our delivery partners to ensure the quality and safety of our product while in transit. Our delivery partners have been directed to follow strict hygiene protocols which include frequent hand washing, wearing face masks, and regularly disinfecting steering wheels and areas of the truck which are often touched. Drivers have also been advised to stay home if they are feeling sick or exhibit any symptoms of acute respiratory illness.

Will NDFresh engage in surge pricing?

We are committed to never engaging in surge pricing. We work with a wide variety of suppliers and are taking steps to properly source ingredients and continue delivering the ingredients you’ve ordered without any disruptions or changes to your regular service. That is our commitment to you.