“ND fresh is a new initiative of Nectar Drops and is inspired by our customers passion for fresh food. We believe that healthy food should be all about quality, variety and simplicity.”

Shihab Seenath

Founder of NDFRESH

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What is so special about NDFRESH?  


The unbeatable freshness of our food will amaze you! NDFRESH is an initiative by the Nectar Drops team to deliver good food to our customer's doorsteps. Nectar Drops has been crafting award-winning natural, fair trade fruits and super-foods into delicious smoothies, cold-pressed juices and specialty non-alcoholic beverages. Our team has traveled extensively in search of reliable sources that can provide us with good quality raw materials for our juicing journey. This journey helped a lot in building trustworthy connections and relationships with farmers, reliable suppliers and farm owners.


We want to take better care of our customers, so after hours of brainstorming, our innovation team came up with the idea of launching NDFRESH, a completely new initiative to deliver good food to our customer's doorsteps without losing its freshness. At NDFRESH, we aim to use as much as we can from local sources in Canada, but if that's not possible then our team will reach out across the world to sustainable suppliers!


We want our valued customers and their families to eat tastier and healthier. This mindset of creation and attention to detail has allowed us to find success in unconventional ways, and to pioneer our own path as we grow into a renowned brand.

Shihab Seenath

Founder of NDFRESH

Why Choose Us  

Quality Promise

Our meticulous methods ensure unrivaled quality throughout our collections. We believe that good food should be all about quality, variety and simplicity.

Hassle Free Delivery  

You can order any time by just few clicks and you will get your delivery on your door steps without hassle of parking, health risks, time waste, and weather conditions, which provides you peace of mind.

Halal Options

All of our meat products come from Halal certified suppliers and local farms in Ontario that uses natural techniques to raise their animals. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Eating healthy has to be fun and taste great, we believe that NDFRESH is simply a brilliant way of bringing beautiful produce, healthy recipes and delicious flavours together at home

Our Happy Customers

"First time I used them and very very happy. Brilliant service. Extremely efficient. Lovely meat. I am always recommending NDfresh, particularly now in the present situation."

Amanda Anderson



"The meat is absolutely delicious. Sooooo good. And nice to know that it is all sourced locally.Great service and the products we ordered were excellent!! Thanks"

Rina Reddy



"HALAL Meat online options are very low but you guys just made my day. The best quality meat that I’ve ever experienced and that's coming from an avid meat fan! Delivery was on time and perfect"

Muhammad A





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