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Huge Green Tiger Shrimp Headless

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Headless Shell On: Head is removed from the shrimp and the abdominal part with shell forms the product. This product is frozen to preserve its quality.

These juicy, meaty shrimps will be a treat for your everyday boring meal! whether a fest or a party, our frozen, premium high quality headless green tiger prawn will be an ideal choice. Their richness in protein, vitamins and minerals with lower amount of calories makes them one among the healthiest foods in the world. These tiny greenish decapods make your immune system healthier and help in building stronger bones. Their crispy, crunchy and sweet flavor makes them fantastic in curries and great in BBQ or you can serve them simply with mayonnaise and brown bread. Whether traditional or modern cuisine, these mini crustaceans make your day!!

*Suitable for home freezing.

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Customer Reviews

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Fail delivery

Delivery not on time!! Difficult to get frozen food when Delivery is not on time

Quality product

My husband loves shrimp-these absolutely blew his mind! Beautiful coloring, huge size, amazing flavor and texture.


fastest delivery


i bought this shrimp for my wife's birthday to surprise her with her favourite dish shrimp roasted with Provençale sauce. i was little worried coz if the fish is not fresh enough it wont taste good.Yet again you guys proved you never disappoint your customers!! fish was super fresh and my wife loved it..Thank you so much guys


worth buying....shrimp is so good and fresh